Since 1992, we have helped thousands of student overcome what would otherwise have been obstacles to living out their own unique and incredible gifts in the world. We have guided thousands of students through what seemed insurmountable hurdles: the SAT, the application essay, the demanding course.  And through that process of achievement, we have always remembered that our students are more than their scores, that our work with them is for the long haul, for the entire game – building confidence, self-esteem, and skills that last beyond any test. We are deeply honored and grateful for the children and adults we meet, and happy to help them succeed in the world, one which so desperately needs their intelligence, wellness, compassion, and passion.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to teach each student to be the very best that that individual person can ever be.  Of course we teach them to succeed on "the test," but we also teach them how to succeed as intelligent human beings by honoring themselves by always trying their very best. Our special market is "gifted" and "LD" (Learning Disabled) kids, but this specialty is what gives us the ability to work with and motivate all kinds of students from all walks of life.  We have worked with students from the most elite schools gearing toward the most elite colleges, to the most disenfranchised and destitute. The reality is that while the circumstances of those two groups of lives are entirely different, each individual child always needs mentoring, skill development, and appropriate encouragement. This is our passion; this is our gift.


You can help us support our mission with a tax deductible donation of any amount (small or large).  Your contribution goes directly to continuing education to broaden our areas of training and expertise as well as publication and distribution of teaching materials to reach a broad audience – and hopefully a truly "student-centered" education.



As a psychologist, I have had the opportunity to refer many clients to Becky over the years. She has not only helped these students become more successful academically, but she has helped them develop a more positive outlook on learning, be more confident test-takers, and actually enjoy the learning process. She is both knowledgeable and calming during a time in a students life that could otherwise be overwhelming. I highly recommend her for all kinds of students.
— Dr. Wenger
WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Prior to using Mrs. Flowers my son had gone through several tutors for ACT preparation. Although we were very happy with his last tutor, he seemed to need a change of pace and additional bump in English/Grammar. Becky Flowers was highly recommended by a friend, and words are not enough to express what a great experience we had. My son’s score increased by 5 points in the English in only 1 month. When I reached out to Becky (1 month prior to the exam) she was very polite, understanding, and accomodating. I would also like to note the skyping sessions are GREAT !! It allows the flexibility to squeeze in these tutoring sessions into their already busy schedules as it cuts out “travel” time. We feel Becky helped his overall score through her education, motivation, and tips. Thank you Becky, it is refreshing to know someone who loves what they do and look out for the best interest others!
— Sandra L.
Becky Flowers is way more than a tutor. She is an academic inspiration and a motivational beacon. I would not have gotten through the final years of high school without her. She guided me through almost all of my exams, standardized tests and stressful times. Most importantly, she’s a fantastic tutor and teacher who has obviously left a profound impression on my life and my future. (Miss you guys!!)
— Amanda W.
Becky Flowers is a fantastic resource for both college test prep and subject matter tutoring. She is incredibly savvy, very responsive, treats her students with respect and is never afraid to push when necessary. I have used her services for both my kids, for both college test prep, college application essays, and for subject matter tutoring. One of my kids is now pursuing his Masters Degree in Quantitative Finance and the other is now a sophomore at a highly rated university. Ms. Flowers has been there every step of the way. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!

— Ellen W.
Hi Becky.

You probably recognize my name. I am Gaby’s mom. I wanted to send you a note to let you know that I appreciate the positive feedback and support you have provided Gaby. When I picked her up last night, I could sense that she was again upbeat and energized about her college applications. As you know, she is very driven. The college application process, including the standardized exams and application essays, keep her in a constant state of high stress. Your sessions with you are an oasis of balance and perspective. I am glad she has had the benefit of your guidance and input throughout this process.

Thanks for all your help!

Hi Becky.

Gaby was accepted at Brown. She just found out and promised to call you herself to let you know— but I wanted to say thank you myself. I am indebted to you for all the support you gave her. She thinks the world of you. I know that you will inspire her in the years ahead. Thank you again.

— Ines M.

What We've BEEN DOING:

  • Over 12,000 students in 13 years.
  • Cumulative 36,000 hours combined experience consulting
  • Average parent satisfaction: over 90 percent
  • Average SAT improvement: 100-200 points per section.