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Tutoring and Consulting Services

Whole-person tutoring for kids and adults.


We provide academic life coaching, test prep, SAT/ACT, GRE/LSAT/MCAT/GMAT, PSAT/SSAT/ASPIRE, English Second Language, adult study skills, subject tutoring, college application essays, presentation skills, time management, stress reduction, educational advocacy, presentation skills, organizational skills, in-home study area consultation, mindfulness and meditation, creative expression and visualization, learning and personality assessment and profile,  writing and editing help including mission statements and grant proposals, and more.

We work with children and adults of all ages and levels. We have extensive training working with children and adults in the gifted spectrum, autistic spectrum, ADD/ADHD diagnosis, students with learning disabilities and challenges, high achieving students, student artists, leaders, and athletes.

Our combined experience of over 26,000 hours of instruction and over 12,000 student clients has come from working in diverse settings ranging from teaching Business English abroad to inner city schools here back at home in the United States, from Ivy league bound student leaders and athletes to teaching in hospitals. With our depth and breadth of experiences, we can advise students on most of their academic needs, from entrance exams to business presentations. We promise that if we can't, then we can send you the right person or the right place that can. 

We conduct our sessions in person, by phone, or via Skype.  Please contact us for rates and availability.


We are a provider of holistic educational solutions. The educational crisis for a child or an adult represents a unique opportunity for personal growth. We combine techniques from popular psychology, cognitive psychology, teaching methodology, coaching, healing arts, personal development, and mind-body medicine in order to help students meet their immediate concerns of turning in papers and passing exams. But we also believe that the outcome of this work is more than a score: it is part of building a long-term vision of success.

Succeeding in school requires more than knowing the rules of math and grammar or preparing for upcoming standardized tests. Academic success includes coaching, vision building, and stress management. More importantly, students require motivation, understanding, and care so that they can develop their own unique abilities with confidence.

Over the years, we have created an approach to teaching skills in a way that engages our students at their unique levels of engagement, as well as a supplementary approach of academic life coaching designed to inspire students to reach their potentials. With tutoring and coaching, we also offer the optional, supplementary practices of creative expression, meditation and mindfulness, and stress reduction. 

We are not therapists; yet, as educators, we recognize the need to understand how internal forces affect external performance.  We teach students the appropriate methods to overcome the obstacles to their success given their unique needs and challenges. We provide an array of services that the student can choose from depending on his or her interest or familiarity. We also, of course, welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can tailor our programs to best meet your needs.

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Learning to Succeed

Not only can we teach students the practical skills and technology to meet their academic challenges – a research paper, the SAT, professional certification exam, or an Algebra test – but also how best to learn and how to succeed beyond the immediate course or task.

We have the combined subject expertise in most content areas across age spans; that which we cannot offer in-house, we can provide for you through our affiliates. We have over thirteen years of experience specifically with test prep, study skills, executive function, and the college application process. We are eager to guide students through the writing process to help them find their unique voice crafting beautiful application essays. We are equally proud of our high achieving students now in Ivy League schools across the country as we are of our students who came in ‘under-performing’ and not college ready or with ‘deficits’ who are now succeeding in college.

Over the years, we have discovered that being a professional tutor is a lot like being an athletic coach.  We have developed a style of academic life coaching that includes assessment of personality, study habits, learning profile, motivation, goal setting, time management and more. We have found what helps people achieve their goals and dreams, and we can help students, even the most recalcitrant, build and live by a vision of themselves as successful and intelligent learners.

Advocates of learning as a life long process, we enthusiastically offer several programs to meet the needs of adult learners including English Second Language, speed reading, study skills for returning students, cognitive enhancement techniques, and corporate improvisation for creativity and team building.


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Studies have shown that people learn best in a relaxed and supported state of mind – quite the opposite of what many people practice! People don’t learn best when berated or pressured, but when supported and relaxed. We want to help students attain an optimally relaxed state of mind so that they can learn and perform better than ever.

For students who are interested in acquiring a relaxed and ready (and powerful) brain state, we offer the following services: stress reduction, meditation and mindfulness,  creative expression and visualization,  and peer support groups.

These techniques are also very powerful as a corrective measure.  Often a student’s block has very little to do with the learning material per se, but rather a resistance to learning, a traumatic educational experience that deflated their confidence, a misunderstood learning difference or challenge, a high level of performance anxiety, or innumerable other causes.

For these situations relaxation techniques can be tremendously helpful. While some students do not require or wish for such interventions, those who do can experience a benefit that goes beyond the test or whatever particular project, and it will help create a pattern of success that will last for his or her lifetime.

***NOTE***  For students under 18 yrs. old, supplementary services are included only with the approval and/or presence of the parent or guardian.


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