Mind-Body Energy Medicine

The mind-body connection is key to understanding success and academic achievement.  Most modern thinkers understand how one’s thoughts influence one’s outcomes (i.e., the power of positive thinking in achieving the goal, even the use of hypnosis or visualization to enhance that power). Yet there is another factor: the intelligence and the thinking of the body. It has even been speculated that human beings have two brains, the second being the Vagus Nerve or "gut brain."

When a student gets a headache before an exam, stiff shoulders from studying, or nausea before speaking, this indicates that the body is responding to a mental pattern. These somatized responses can help us understand patterns in the mind and correct them cognitively, often removing or ameliorating the symptoms. For instance, using positive self-talk before the big speech may very well get rid of the nausea in the pit of the stomach.

But it doesn’t always work. Logic suggests that this phenomena must be a two-way street: if we can talk to our body, can our body "talk" to our mind? There are some really beautiful and elegant practices that use a body practice to send a signal to the mind in order to alter a behavior or pattern, balancing the nervous system and achieving harmony between body and mind.  Mind-body energy medicine can help correct imbalances and discomforts caused by stress. It can also help to create new beliefs by uncovering old or unhelpful previous conclusions. Essentially, a student can learn to “rewire” his or her own body/mind complex.

There is in fact an ongoing dialogue between the mind and body which can be tapped into to understand and improve one’s performance.  How does it work?  Well it’s "magic" – kind of. But just like magic, it has everything to do with regular, non-magical things. For instance, in front of a compassionate human witness, the student simply expresses a belief that she would like to change; then they both perform an activity or prescribed procedure and agree that it is done. Often deep work can be successful often by simple techniques utilized with a proper approach. Our processes include tapping (EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique) and Psych K®.


Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT uses the acupuncture meridians to address emotional imbalances. The practitioner addresses the client’s issues or limiting beliefs while tapping certain meridian points on the body where that particular issue is ‘stored’ or is appearing in the body. The student can also practice this independently.


This is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs and perceptions. The practitioner uses muscle-testing to determine which subconscious beliefs are limiting the client's/student’s ability to perform and then balances them with techniques that facilitate the communication between the conscious and subconscious aspects of the mind.