The inner game of SAT

Four decades ago, a Harvard English graduate and tennis coach penned the influential “Inner Game of Tennis,” inspiring both athletes and non-athletes, on and off the court. The book’s popularity has extended from the White House to the NFL, inspiring people from many walks of life to use positive thinking and the imagination to expand their own capabilities.


After decades serving as a tutor and academic coach, I can assure you there is an “inner game” to the SAT.  For a while, I had a sign above my desk that read “Positive Mental Attitude” and vigorously corrected any nay-saying. Phrases like “I’m a bad test taker” were transformed to “I used to struggle with tests, but I’m getting better all the time.”  


But is it really that simple?  Can telling yourself the opposite of what you really believe (or have been taught to believe) really work?  In short, yes it can.

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